Safety is our first and most important core value

Leadership, training, and empowerment of every employee will mitigate risk while increasing effectiveness and efficiency of all operations. We are committed to a uniquely intense interdependent safety culture as our teams feel ownership and responsibility to mitigate risk every day, every action, every task, every job. Our team believes that zero injuries are an attainable goal and that anything more is unacceptable.

We go above and beyond the training required by OSHA, AESC, Safeland, ANZI, and API. We use a combination of in-house developed programs, Rocky Mountain Education Center, IDAC Wellcap, and on the job training so our employees have the resources, knowledge, skills, and abilities to make the right decisions.

We keep our crews well-trained via a proprietorially-developed and best-in-class competency management system. We continue to deploy substantial capital into the upkeep, growth, maintenance, and certification of our fleet – we are proud to have one of the highest-spec, fully certified well servicing fleets in the world. We are excitedly pioneering various data measurement and machine-learning initiatives to drive wellsite performance, safety, and efficiency. Our field leadership and crews believe in intense attention to detail and unique leadership accountability. (Please ask us about any or all of these initiatives!)

Our Training

  • In House Safety Orientation
  • Stop-Work Authority
  • Dropped Object Prevention
  • PEC Safeland/OSHA 10
  • Mentorship and SSE
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Industry leading Job-Aid-Guide
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • IADC Wellcap Sell Service Supervisor Well Control
  • Driver Safety and Defensive Driving
  • Inhouse H2S Course
  • Fall Prevention Training


Brigade Energy Services

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