Safety is our first and most important core value


Our doctrine forms the basis of our quality management system.  High quality service is a point of pride for Brigade people and our system is centered upon these fundamental strategies:

  • Ensuring strict compliance to all regulatory, customer, industry and internal processes. We achieve this by proactively identifying, understanding and maintaining requirements.
  • Maintaining customer focus and making it easy to do business with Brigade. We achieve this by exceeding expectations on delivery of services and issue resolution.
  • Driving continuous improvement by assessing, simplifying and standardizing processes to improve quality and then training employees to integrate lessons learned into every-day work habits.


Respecting the Health and Safety of people and the environment is part of our everyday work.  Brigade leaders own their respective safety cultures and empower their people to execute on our HSE processes.  The dual-focus on people and process gives our teams the foundation to achieve the highest level of safety performance.


  • Behavior Observations
  • Stop Work Authority
  • PPR – Preparation, Position, Risk
  • Challenge & Reply
  • Formal Training and OJT
  • Personnel Qualification Standards for SSE Program
  • Personal and Team Recognition


  • High-Spec Equipment
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Job-Aid Guides (JAG)©
  • Safety Council – Shares lessons learned across Company
  • Measure Leading & Lagging Indicators
  • Technology to enhance Safety Workflow


In order to sustain Brigade’s high level of performance, our people must be continuously developed beyond industry norms.  Our training and development program combines formal training, guided OJT and self-development.

Through a partnership with PetroSkills®, we have created a comprehensive Competency Management Program (CMAP) that provides the blueprint for our development activities.  It is manifested at the rig site in several ways:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Personal Qualification Standards (PQS)
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Annual Regulatory Training (OSHA, PEC/Safeland, DOT, etc)
  • Critical Task Training at Monthly Safety Meetings
  • HSE Alert Process to Share Lessons Learned
  • Daily Rig-up inspections
  • Monthly Rig Audits

Brigade ensures its leaders have the knowledge, skills and abilities to assume command of rigs and operations.  Our CMAP defines leadership competencies that are taught through several in-house and third-party courses.

  • Well Control
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Mentoring
  • JAG© Continuing Education
  • Technical Skills – Equipment and Well Processes
  • BES 150 leadership training
  • Energy Workforce and Technology Leadership
  • OGOP 110
  • Echelon Front Leadership Training

Key Training Partners