A Letter From Our CEO

We are pleased to share with you our inaugural Sustainability Report, a completely voluntary initiative, in which we highlight aspects of our ongoing commitment to mitigate the Environmental impacts of our operations, invest in the Social opportunities of our diverse workforce, and adhere to Governance best practices.




  • Internal Emissions Reduction, Water, Waste: Brigade is committed to contributing to a lower carbon future and addressing the challenges of climate change – we will continue to measure and seek out opportunities to reduce our resource use and lower our carbon intensity.
  • Environmentally Driven Services: Brigade’s services provide environmentally friendly preventative solutions to oil and gas wells (often repairing damaged casing, production rod servicing, or P&A) which can otherwise lead to freshwater contamination, spills or emissions leaks.


  • Health, Safety, Competency: Since Brigade was founded, we have treated our employees’ health, safety, and competency as a non-negotiable and uncompromisable mission each day across the organization.
  • Diversity & Inclusion, Community Service, Service Quality: Our social values extend to our customers and communities – we consistently deliver industry-leading service quality and engage in-service programs to build better communities where our employees live and work.


  • Board, ESG Committee, Accountability: Our governance strategy is rooted in transparency, accuracy, compliance and disclosure which drives long-term value creation for our shareholders, strengthens Board & management accountability and instills trust in our brand.
  • Ethics, Policies, Compliance: Brigade is committed to maintaining high ethical standards across our business, ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and our internal policies (safety, quality, human rights, cybersecurity, training, and more).