If you can't measure it, you can't fix it.

Brigade is dedicated to continuous business intelligence innovation – identifying, evaluating, and developing differentiating data-driven technologies to improve operational efficiency, service quality, and HSE performance.

Rig Data Capture

Measure and record data for our customers to make critical decisions

  • Facilitates immediate monitoring of rig performance metrics and equipment health, enabling timely maintenance interventions

  • Enhances safety by providing instant alerts for potential hazards or anomalies during operations

  • Optimizes resource allocation and scheduling by offering up-to-date information on job progress and personnel utilization

  • Supports data-driven decision-making by offering insights into operational efficiency and trends over time

  • U.S. patented

Electronic Field Ticketing

Efficient, flexible and convenience for both users and customers

  • Streamlines the ticketing process, reducing waiting times and improving customer satisfaction

  • Enables easy access to tickets via digital devices, eliminating the need for physical tickets

  • Enhances Security by reducing the risk of ticket fraud and loss

  • Offers real-time updates and notifications, keeping users informed about any changes or delays

  • Supports ESG efforts by reducing paper usage and waste

Brigade Enterprise Asset Management

Powerful tool for managing, organizing assets
and scheduled maintenance

  • Enhances asset visibility and control, leading to improved asset utilization and increased customer uptime

  • Facilitates predictive maintenance by analyzing data to anticipate and prevent equipment failures, minimizing disruptions and lowering maintenance costs

  • Streamlines compliance and regulatory requirements by tracking asset information and maintenance history for audits and reporting

  • Optimizes asset lifecycle management through data-driven decision-making on repairs, upgrades, and replacements

  • Increases operational efficiency by centralizing asset information, standardizing processes, and promoting collaboration across departments

Digital Safety Solution

QHSE Workforce and Compliance Data

  • Improves real-time safety monitoring and incident reporting, enabling quick responses for our customers and our workforce

  • Enhances compliance with safety regulations through digital record-keeping and automated safety checks

  • Facilitates data-driven insights and trend analysis to identify patterns and areas for safety improvement

  • Increases accountability and transparency by documenting safety procedures and actions in real-time

  • Enhances communication and collaboration among field workers and safety managers, ensuring a proactive safety culture within the organization

Digital Fleet Overwatch

Fleet Safety, efficiency, and maintenance monitoring digitally

  • Enables real-time tracking of vehicles for better fleet management, route optimization, and improved customer service

  • Enhances driver safety by monitoring behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, and seatbelt usage, leading to fewer accidents

  • Improves fuel efficiency by reducing idle time, and identifying inefficient driving habits

  • Facilitates proactive maintenance scheduling by monitoring vehicle health indicators, reducing downtime and costly repairs

  • Strengthens compliance with regulations by providing accurate data on driving hours, rest periods, and vehicle inspections

Operational Dashboards & Analytics

Visibility, insights and optimized decision-making through data

  • Provides real-time insights into key performance metrics, enabling quick decision-making and strategic adjustments for our customers

  • Enhances visibility and transparency across departments, fostering collaboration and alignment towards common goals

  • Improves operational efficiency by identifying bottlenecks, trends, and opportunities for process optimization

  • Enables innovative analytics to uncover new insights and opportunities

  • Reduces errors in data entry by cross-linking information into a robust visualization tool