Dear Stakeholders,

I am pleased to share with you our inaugural Sustainability Report, a completely voluntary initiative, in which we highlight aspects of our ongoing commitment to mitigate the Environmental impacts of our operations, invest in the Social opportunities of our diverse workforce, and adhere to Governance best practices. 

I believe many great organizations and companies were practicing and pursuing commendable and innovative Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) goals before it was popular or mandatory to do so. As such, the ESG framework provides a compelling opportunity for those organizations to emphasize and consistently communicate the progress made and lessons learned on these potentially, heretofore, underappreciated and often costly initiatives. Brigade is one of those outfits. We were formed in late 2016 to not just deliver economic returns to shareholders, but also to truly evolve the well servicing sector. The original investment thesis focused on advancing safety, service quality, and operational efficiency by innovating on three main fronts: best-in-class competency management of the workforce, data-driven measurement of performance, and creation of a culture of extreme ownership and accountability.  I believe that these initiatives, and others we have taken on, fully align with the spirit and intent of ESG fiduciary to an expanded group of stakeholders and we are excited to be on the path to more responsible well services. As we’ve said from day one in well servicing, ‘the challenge is the opportunity’. 

As a leading, independent well service company, we view our role in the ongoing energy transition and expansion as an exciting opportunity to continuously seek out innovative ways in which to serve our customers, advance the careers of our people, and improve the communities in which we live and operate. Our Leadership and Board of Directors are actively involved in defining, measuring and monitoring our sustainability initiatives, and we regularly welcome and review internal and external perspectives in:  safety performance, greenhouse gas emissions, community service, diversity and inclusion, and integrity and transparency of all reporting.  With an emphasis on generating material and measurable ESG outcomes, we have prepared this Sustainability Report to provide a comprehensive view of our approach to, and progress on many of our sustainability initiatives.

The challenges of the pandemic have been severe over much of the last two years for the entire global economy.  At Brigade, I am exceptionally proud of our team’s perseverance and continued dedication to delivering customer value, positive ESG impact and continuing our reputation as a premier well service solutions provider for our industry.  We anticipate a much busier 2022 and beyond – and we are ready to serve our customers, employees, and our communities with industry-leading performance.

Thank you for your interest in Brigade.

Justin Bliffen
Chief Executive Officer